Functional Educational Program

The functional academic curriculum designed by CARE focuses on educational activities which target the major aspects of learning such as:
– Academics: English, Numeracy, Arabic & Computer literacy
– Communication skills
– General knowledge
– Health & Science

Vocational Program

The functional academic curriculum designed by CARE focuses on vocational activities which target major aspects of workmanship.
– Gardening skills
– Hospitality management
– Clerical skills
– Teacher assistant
– Shop assistant
– Independence and life skills
– Leadership & team work
– Music, drama and artistic impression

Psychological Support Program

People with exceptional abilities and their guardians/caregivers face daily challenges thet can be overwhelming. They can feel isolated and require support that helps self-esteem and confidence. CARE provides the much needed professional therapy and coaching in-house at the center and in the community. Community support includes: regular outings to public places restaurants, supermarkets, parks, visits to factories, libraries, schools ,
cultural trips to museums and theaters, nature excursions and camps in different regions of  Lebanon.

Awareness and Advocacy Program

Our awareness and advocacy for the rights of youngsters with special needs program enables and empowers young adults with special needs to access education and employment through various participative activities.

The Buddy Program

During most activities CARE students are accompanied by an adolescent of similar age coming from a mainstream school. The Buddy Program provides an opportunity to build strong friendships and valuable learning experiences for both parties.

Trips & Activities

The trips and activities program is designed and implemented by professional educators and trained youth. It provides students an opportunity to develop and practice daily living skills in a structured, supportive and positive environment. This includes:
Weekly participant-planned field trips
Music, art and dance therapy
Swimming, horseback riding, cycling, wall climbing, trampoline, swings and rope courses, balance movements and various gross motor activities