Extra Curricular Activities at CARE

Art Therapy

Children who have special needs can be a challenge to teach. Because they have oral, tactile, visual and/or motor difficulties, (and sometimes an overabundance of energy!) they often find it difficult or frustrating to succeed in "hands on" activities. Using art as a means of teaching increases a child's chances for success- and makes the experience pleasurable as well.

Drama Therapy

Drama is often about collaboration and negotiation, and when it is used in mixed-ability groups it can act as a bridge between children with special needs and others in their peer group. It provides an ideal environment to encourage students to work together and to develop trust and friendships.

Drum Circle Therapy

Music has a way of reaching us, touching our souls and inspiring us in a way that is very powerful. Often it can have a very effective impact on children with disabilities, especially children with speech and language disorders and gross or fine-motor difficulties.


• Strengthen the heart muscles
• Has a positive impact on mental and social activities
• Helps stay in proper shape
• Increases balance 
• Is Fun


Gardening offers many benefits to children. It can be especially beneficial for children with special needs, such as physical, mental, social, and emotional problems. Gardening is a purposeful activity involving mind and body, and it is valued by society.

Home Economics

(cooking, jewelry design, home management, budgeting…)
Students learn about cooking and proper nutrition, how to cook, sew, do home repair, and manage money. Students learn to make financial and personal decisions. They can learn proper nutrition, and they can learn how to present themselves in order to improve their lives

Functional Academic

Games that build Social Skills & Self Esteem

Social skills are needed to develop friendships. Children with disabilities may feel intimidated by other kids, and they may find it too uncomfortable to try to reach out to them. We can help them reach out through a variety of games that build their self esteem.

Saturday Outings

Every Saturday our activity coordinator arranges a supervised outing for our students. These outings are to different places in Lebanon. The places vary from touristic sites, to factories, to sport activities... The aim is for the students to see and experience the different aspects of life and learn to react appropriately in different situations. In addition they get to meet people and make friends. Please refer to Saturday Schedule under EVENTS.

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